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Meet our Board of Directors


Jocci Rice


Jocci is the founder of Olive Motherhood. She has a passion for people, specifically mothers and children. She was born and raised in Williston, ND. Her role as a mom started a little differently, when she married a single father. She is passionate about the special role of being a step mom, and identifying what that means within coparenting. Her and her husband, Joe, later welcomed two more children, Charlotte and Violatte. 
Jocci has been a stay at home mom since her oldest, Charlotte was born in 2019. Pregnancy was something she really struggled with, as well as being the first of her friends to embark on the journey of motherhood. She remembers how lonely and isolating difficult pregnancies, and then finding yourself after children can be. Her goal with starting this foundation was to provide mothers with the village that everyone shouts from the rooftops that you need, but no one seems to have.
She particularly specializes in helping mothers follow their entrepreneurial dreams and encouraging them in being the best version of themselves, for themselves but also for their children. 


Sarah Scaife

Vice President

Sarah Scaife was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She met her husband during her undergraduate at Central Washington University while graduating in Family Studies. Sarah continued her higher education, achieving her Graduate Degree, in Marriage and Family Therapy at Arizona State University. After living in other states, she and her husband made Williston their family’s home in 2018.

After working as a Therapist and in Social Services, when Sarah had children of her own she decided to be a stay at home mom. With her children approaching school-age Sarah plans to re-enter the workforce by helping Olive Motherhood Foundation get started. Sarah also owns a nomadic yoga studio, and enjoys spending as much time with her family as she can- hiking, being outside, and homesteading.

Sarah’s number one goal for the Olive Motherhood Foundation is to help create a safe space for women to connect and have vulnerable conversations about motherhood.


Crystal Arnson


Crystal graduated from undergraduate college in 2013 with a double major- bachelor of science in nursing and a bachelor degree in Political Science. 

She moved to Williston in 2013, where she then met her husband, to start her nursing career. Crystal worked primarily in women’s health and obstetrics before going back to college to advance her nursing career further to become a Nurse Practitioner. In 2020, she graduated with my doctorate degree as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. "I love what I do with a passion!"

In April, she celebrated my one year anniversary married to her husband. They had their first baby and he is the love of their lives and has completed their family perfectly. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, art, shopping, and spending time with her family and friends. "Williston is a special place and is where our family continues to plan to plant deep roots."

"My goal is to help share the wonders of Williston with others. Williston has so much to offer individuals and families. The support of the Williston community is unique and unparalleled to any other place. Activities, support, and resources are everywhere, I hope Olive Morherhood can help showcase our many treasures." 


Megan Lewis


Megan Lewis grew up in Central Oregon and moved to Eastern Oregon where she met and married her college sweetheart while earning her Bachelor's degree in nursing from Oregon Health and Science University. Megan began her nursing career working on a Cardiac Progressive Care Unit, followed by working in the ICU, ER and eventually made Williston their home in 2015. 

While in Williston she worked in the nursery on the Obstetrics unit. 

Megan and her husband have two children, a cat and a dog. Megan is now the school district nurse at Williston Basin School District #7. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, sewing and gardening. 

Megan's goal for Olive Motherhood Foundation is to create a welcoming environment for mothers and connecting them with other women in our community and all of the amazing resources Williston has to offer.


Delaney Slemin

Outreach Manager

Delaney was born and raised in Powers Lake, ND. She had her first daughter Paizley in July 2017, and shortly moved Williston after to continue her education at WSC. While being a substitute teacher for the Williston School District, Delaney also has spent the last couple years getting her degree in Elementary Education from Mayville State University. She graduated in 2021. Delaney and her husband Tristen, welcome another baby girl this year as well! Blaire Ryanne was born on April 8th. While Delaney has finished her education she is taking the year off for the job that is most important to her, staying home with her girls! 

Delaney’s mission and goal within being apart of the Olive Motherhood Foundation is to create a warm and welcoming village for mothers to rely on for the ups and downs of motherhood!


Taylor Evenson

Board Member

Taylor Evenson is married to her husband Jeremy and they recently welcomed their first baby girl, Oaklynn, into this world in March 2022. She currently stays at home to care for her while finishing her degree in elementary education with a specialization in early childhood education. She enjoys being physically active, reading a good book, and spending time with family/friends.

“I am honored and excited to be apart of the board for Olive Motherhood Foundation as I’m driven to making a difference and a change in our community for fellow moms. I aim to help build upon this foundation by facilitating in the creation of a group of women who surround other moms in our area and help them meet any/every need they may have. I strive to be a resource and a loving friend as we create endless opportunities and support for all moms alike.”


Sonoma Gau

Board Member

Sonoma was raised in Idaho. She spent the majority of her childhood there, where she enjoyed camping, 4-wheeling and any adventures in the mountains. She moved to Williston in 2018 where she met her fiancé, Samuel. They soon started a family and welcomed their first child, Maverick, in May 2019.  They spent a short time living in San Antonio, Texas but soon after moved back to Williston. They have since planted roots; bought a house and welcomed a baby girl, Paisley, in September 2022. Williston is their home!

Before becoming a mom she worked in a few different industries including steel, ammunition, and oil & gas. Soon after Maverick was born, she went on to become a dental assistant where she enjoyed taking care of her patients and especially working with families & children. After conceiving their second child she became a stay at home mom. 

Sonoma's goal with Olive Motherhood Foundation is to reach far and beyond to new and existing moms; t m o show them they aren't alone and together we can be that village we all need. "Motherhood is such a trying time for women! I know when my first was born I felt so lost and lonely. I had so much guilt for not feeling happy. But the truth was I lost myself. I focused so much on trying to be a mom I didn't know who I was as a person anymore. I want to help other moms find that balance of mother and woman!" 

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Interested in Being Involved?

If you would like more information on how to join our team, or our board and make a difference in the Williston Community for Mothers; please contact us at or watch our events tab for an upcoming meeting.

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