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Meet our Board of Directors


Jocci Rice


Jocci is a native to Williston, and the founder of Olive Motherhood Foundation. She married the love of her life, Joseph Rice, in September of 2018, and became the step mother to her son, Karter. Early in 2019, she found out she would be expecting her first baby and her career as a property manager would be put on hold. They welcomed Charlotte Rice, in September or 2019. Later, came Violatte Rice in November of 2021, and they will complete their family in February of 2024.

"I started OMF in the Summer of 2022, with the dream of creating the village we are all told we are supposed to have. As a Williston Local, I do have family, and Williston has nearly always been home for me, and I know that is not the case for many others in our community. As an oilfield wife, and stay at home mom, I understand the long days and loneliness. I hope to bring support to the mental health of mothers in Williston, and create what is the best part of their week, whether it be a break from motherhood and remembering the identity they feel they lost, or creating memories with our babies."


Delaney Slemin

Vice President

Delaney was born and raised in Powers Lake, ND. She had her first daughter Paizley in July 2017, and shortly moved Williston after to continue her education at WSC. While being a substitute teacher for the Williston School District, Delaney also has spent the last couple years getting her degree in Elementary Education from Mayville State University. She graduated in 2021. Delaney and her husband Tristen, welcome another baby girl this year as well! Blaire Ryanne was born on April 8th. While Delaney has finished her education she is taking the year off for the job that is most important to her, staying home with her girls! 

Delaney’s mission and goal within being apart of the Olive Motherhood Foundation is to create a warm and welcoming village for mothers to rely on for the ups and downs of motherhood!


Crystal Arnson


Crystal graduated from undergraduate college in 2013 with a double major- bachelor of science in nursing and a bachelor degree in Political Science. 

She moved to Williston in 2013, where she then met her husband, to start her nursing career. Crystal worked primarily in women’s health and obstetrics before going back to college to advance her nursing career further to become a Nurse Practitioner. In 2020, she graduated with my doctorate degree as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. "I love what I do with a passion!"

In April, she celebrated my one year anniversary married to her husband. They had their first baby and he is the love of their lives and has completed their family perfectly. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, art, shopping, and spending time with her family and friends. "Williston is a special place and is where our family continues to plan to plant deep roots."

"My goal is to help share the wonders of Williston with others. Williston has so much to offer individuals and families. The support of the Williston community is unique and unparalleled to any other place. Activities, support, and resources are everywhere, I hope Olive Morherhood can help showcase our many treasures." 

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Sam Miller


Sam grew up in a suburb of Chicago, IL. Attended undergraduate school in North Carolina and ended up in North Dakota in 2014 for a job. After two years in Williston, she met her husband, but then moved to Minneapolis to get her Master's Degree in Public Policy. After grad school her and her husband spent a year in Montana and then came back to Williston to start an electrical company. They've been owning and operating their company since 2018.

In 2021, they welcomed a son! In her spare time, Sam runs, frequents local parks with her family, and sips wine in the backyard with friends.

Sam understands what a lot of women in Williston go through when they move away from family. "Williston can feel very isolating when you first arrive, especially with the pressures that motherhood can bring. My goal is to help you find your way into the larger community, but also find 'your people' to help support you, personally. I hope to help make Olive Motherhood an inclusive environment for women to rise up together and become their best selves".


Precious Roness

Community Connections Leader

Precious moved to Williston in 2014, She married to Alan and together we have three amazing kids; Cutter, Keiana & Carter. She owns Caffeinated, so naturally she loves making coffee and helping the community whenever she can! Aside from making coffee, she loves hunting more than she ever thought she would, gardening, reading and of course hanging out with her kids, husband, friend, dogs and chickens!

“I joined the OMF board in hopes to contribute more to the mothers of our community! As a Step Mom & a Homeschooling Parent it's been an adventure, when I found out about OMF having field trips for littles I was over the moon to get my homeschooler out and I fell in love with how these moms were coming together and creating fun learning experiences for not only our kids but moms too! It’s not easy finding a village that helps in all aspects of motherhood and OMF does just that. I cannot wait to see OMF blossom even more than it already has and be apart of the journey.”


Nadia Gabriel

Meal Train Leader

Nadia moved to Williston, ND in 2019. She's married to her husband, Tim, and had their beautiful baby girl, Evelynn, in 2021. Nadia currently works from home so she can enjoy and raise Evelynn. She loves reading and spending time with family and friends.

"I joined the board in hopes of helping the mothers come together. As a first time mom, and a NICU mom, it was very lonely at first. Luckily Olive Motherhood was created and has helped me, not only come out of my shell, but also create many new friendships. OMF has been a huge part of my motherhood journey and I strive to create the same experience for all new moms."

Interested in Being Involved?

If you would like more information on how to join our team, or our board and make a difference in the Williston Community for Mothers; please contact us at

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